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July 2002

2002 Liberty Fest Road Rally

By Annette Myers
COCCC Member

Annette and Larry Myers work on their '55 Nomad
Dashboard Photo
Annette and Larry Myers work on their '55 Nomad in the motel parking lot
at the 95 CCI international convention in Omaha in this file photo.


On Sunday, June 30, Curtis & Kay Welch and Larry & Annette Myers went on
Edmond's 2002 Liberty Fest Road Rally. We had never done this before and we weren't sure what to expect. This is their 15th year for doing the Road Rally. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised in the fun we had doing this.

At first, we signed in, showing the driver's license of the drivers and also supplying the insurance verification at registration. A list of rules and goody bag was handed out to us at registration.
We still didn't know what to expect of this road rally and we were the only classic cars at the rally. At the assigned time to start, everyone was in line and allowed to leave at one minute intervals.
They logged starting mileage and time, driver & navigator. When we returned, they logged the time and mileage. When we got our sheet, we had to answer questions to find our way around

Did I say that they also handed out Edmond city maps?
We had to answer questions like:
. Name of the Electronic Hut?
. Where are only licensed professionals allowed?
. Where would Elvis be buried in Edmond?
. What could you buy if you called 359-7468?
. How many horseshoes in the Circle E?
The answers: Radio Shack, State Beauty Supply, Gracelawn, chickens, 65.

We had to figure out what way to go by hints like:
. Turn West where Napoleon met his match.
. Turn North at General MacArthur's first name.
. If you are traveling towards Texas turn South at the next 4 way intersection, if not continue as you are (we went on West for a mile before figuring out we needed to go South). Turn towards Ardmore at the intersection. If you don't know which way Ardmore is, it's just north of Thackerville.

They wanted to know as the tie breaker question how many keys were in the jar that was on the table. We were to count the public schools and the sponsors as we passed them. They had to be adjoining the road you were on.

Scoring: You lost a point for every mile off the optimum distance and every minute off the optimum time. You also lost a point for every incorrect answer. Time stopped once you turned in your answer sheet to the Road Rally official. The team with the fewest points (like golf) was declared the winner. A man in a black Corvette convertible had the award for the most points.

We didn't win, but we had a good time. We are planning to do this road rally next year, but with one exception. We will have more people in the car - one to drive, one to navigate, one
to watch for the clues and one to write the answers. We laughed a lot at the clues and the troubles that we had reading ahead enough not to get lost or have to turn around and go back. Next year try
to plan on attending this road rally. The Welch's were able to find their way and they don't even live in Edmond.

This is not for faint of heart, because you will have a very good time if you put forth the effort.

Annette Myers is a past president of COCCC.


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