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June 2002

Let's make Memorial day memorable in '03
By Don Bays
Dashboard Staff


Almost one decade to the day since the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club ran the 1993 South-Central National convention for Classic Chevy International, we are doing another one over Memorial Day weekend in 2003. This one will encompass 1955 through 1972 Chevys and Camaros, as
the national organization has welcomed these folks into the fold. We hope the Late Great Chevys of OKC will want to help us host. We have the capacity to have twice as large a turnout (or more) as our previous effort.

Our 1993 convention was dubbed "Cruisin' OKC," and was held only about a month after the third edition of Cruisin' Bricktown®. Whatever this one gets named, we'll have plenty of preparation and promotion time! For those of you unfamiliar with these national conventions, I'll bet it's
pretty much the best overall experience you'll have in this hobby. We'll have some limited activities on Wednesday, with most cars arriving that afternoon/evening, but we'll be registering arrivals as late as Friday. Thursday and Friday will be filled with seminars, tours and other
events, such as the dance on Friday night.

There will be children's activities scheduled each day. Some of the activities in 1993 included: an antique mall tour (we took a whole big busload), a White Water Bay tour, Frontier City tour, Bricktown dinner cruise, Mary Kay makeovers and numerous technical seminars.

Then Saturday morning comes the "thousand point" concours judging called "Show 'n' Shine", along with the Driver's Class judging, until about 2 or 3 p.m. Tentative plans call for a big cruise that evening following the judging. Sunday morning will be our breakfast banquet and awards ceremony. We'll be sharing show details as they become available. CCI State Rep. Mel Harris, club co-godfather John Dragoo, current president Ken Monroe and myself are in the process of asking people to fill committee positions. We plan to do this convention in a manner all club members can take pride in. Don't be afraid of the workload. We're going to try to design all jobs so they won't be overly taxing. And plan to
show your car please. If I can show, you can show!

Don Bays was the president of COCCC in 1993 and helped produce Cruisin' Bricktown® and the 1993 CCI South Central Nationals. He served as CCI state rep. from 1993-1999. His CCI member number is 1290.




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