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May 2002

First Capital Photo Op
Photo by Annette Myers

Saturday, April 28, offered two golden opportunities. First was the monthly dinner cruise. We met at the Oklahoma Hot Rod Association Brown Bag Picnic in Guthrie for that evening’s outing to yet another barbeque restaurant. The food was good and plenty was consumed. The door prize, an OHRA 2002 t-shirt, was won by Charles Stookey. The “privilege” of hosting the next dinner cruise was “won” by True Osborne. There were
shouts of the drawing being fixed so it was held again and, surprise, True’s name came out of the hat for a second time. After all the food and frivolity we got into our cars and took off for some picture posing around Guthrie.

Carnegie Library

The first stop (shown above) was at the vintage Carnegie Library where the cars were posed for the pix. We then traveled to the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple for more photos.

Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

Our second stop on the Guthrie photo Odyssey was at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. This imposing building crowns a hill and is visible for miles. It makes a beautiful setting for pictures. In fact, a high school had just finished taking prom photos on the steps when we drove up. In the above scene club cars re-created a pose from the early ’80s when club cars were pictured here after a car show in northern Oklahoma. It took some wheel twisting to get all the cars properly posed but it was worth it. Annette Myers’ new digital camera was used for these two pictures. For those of you not familiar with Oklahoma history the reference to first capital gives tribute to Guthrie as Oklahoma’s capital.



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