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February 2002

GM unveils new crate engine lineup
General Motors
Press Release

Detroit, MI. - With an expanded crate engine lineup for 2002, GM
Performance Parts announced the availability of three new, power-packed, engine packages - the 350 HP Factory Stock and the 355 HP Limited Late Model Circle Track engines, and the HT 383 Truck and Performance engine.

These all-new crate engines were unveiled at the Circle Track Racing Expo held in Daytona, Florida. Consumers are expected to seize the
high-power, high-value engines with the same kind of speed the
powerplants deliver in a street machine or racecar.

The 1955 265, shown in this photo from the 1955 shop manual, is the

Here are some examples of Rip Rileyís Flintknapping hobby. Photo provided by Rip Riley

"GM Performance Parts values customerís needs above all else," said Bill Fitzgerald, GM Performance Parts manager. "These new Circle Track crate engines are designed to meet and exceed customer needs, while reducing the cost of racing. And the HT 383 offers great value to truck enthusiasts."

GM Performance Parts crate engines are engineered and manufactured using GM's vast resources, stringent specs and testing demands. These engines offer factory-developed technology that has been proven on the world's racetracks.

Factory Stock 350 HP Saturday night Factory Stock Street Stock racers need look no further. Value, power and durability are what you get from the Factory Stock 350 HP.

Based on the small block 350 HO crate engine, the 350 HP circle track engine has earned a solid reputation for durability. This factory sealed crate engine package, complete with a high rise dual
plane intake manifold, stamped steel valve covers with racing style breathers, and 8-quart single kick-out circle track racing pan, doesn't sacrifice power over durability. The 350 HP just pumps up the value and makes it easier than ever to power a race car.

Additionally, the Factory Stock 350 HP crate engine features a nodular cast iron crankshaft, iron Vortec heads with 1.94-inch intake vales and 1.50-inch exhaust valves, flat tappet hydraulic lifters, and a HEI
distributor. The part number for the 350 HP Circle Track crate engine is 88958602.

For those Saturday night racers who want even more than what the 350 HP has to offer - look to the Limited Late Model 355 HP ZZ4 circle track engine. GM Performance Parts continues to improve its successful family of engines with the all-new 355 HP ZZ4. Similar to the 350 HP, the 355 HP ZZ4 is a factory sealed crate engine package that provides many of the same outstanding features, including stamped steel valve covers and a 8-quart dual kick-out circle track racing oil pan.
A 1053 forged steel crankshaft, aluminum heads with 1.94-inch intake valves and 1.50-inch exhaust valves, hydraulic roller lifters, and a normal rotation iron water pump make the 355 HP a great value-priced small block package. The part number for the Limited Late Model 355 HP ZZ4 Circle Track crate engine is 88958603.

For those consumers interested in displaying more power on the streets - look to the HT 383 ci engine. Whether the HT 383 is used for towing or four wheeling, the key factor is high torque. And the all-new GM Performance Parts small block crate engine packs a walloping 400 foot-pounds of torque from 2500 and at 4000 rpm, with a peak of 435 foot-pounds of torque. The specially tuned for torque engine, with its 3.80-inch stroke and Vortec cylinder heads, delivers great power for a truck or street rod. Developed with a roller cam, special heavy duty forged powdered metal connecting rods, "4340" forged crankshaft and hypereutectic pistons, the HT 383 produces an impressive 340 horsepower at 4500 rpm. The HT 383 is the ideal replacement for any carbureted 1977 and older vehicle. The part number for the HT 383 Truck and Performance crate engine is 12497317.

"The all-new crate engines have undergone the same rigorous development and validation testing practices that GM Performance Parts uses with all of our parts and components to ensure quality, performance and long-term durability," said Fitzgerald.

In 2002, GM Performance Parts will be participating in several events geared towards enthusiasts. These events provide GM Performance Parts an opportunity to meet with customers in order to understand their needs and an opportunity to raise awareness of their products by demonstrating
and displaying a sampling of product offerings. A few of the enthusiast events include, Back to the 50's in St. Paul, Minnesota, the National Street Rod Association Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Super Chevy Sunday in Montgomery, Alabama SPO, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Mich., markets automotive replacement parts and accessories worldwide under the GM and ACDelco brand names.
For more information, visit the GM Goodwrench Service Plus web site at Goodwrench.com or visit your local GM Dealer.



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