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December 2001

Cruisin' The Coast
By Kay Lynn Dragoo
COCCC Member

The 2001 Cruisin' the Coast version registered 3,900 cars and motorcycles. This was their sixth annual and the numbers continue to be on the rise. Why not? The Mississippi Gulf Coast has much to offer tourists. To those of us living in land-locked regions, it is a thrill to cruise across lower Mississippi on Highway 90 (Gulf Coast Highway), a 26-mile drive from Bay St. Louis east through Biloxi, that offers sandy beaches followed by water as far as the eye can see. Shrimp boats, and heavily treed barrier islands break the monotony of so much water.
Accent this scene with hundreds of cruising vintage automobiles, and the
view is oh so picturesque.

Dragoos and Buntins

Photo provided by the Dragoos
The Dragoos and the Buntins share a table while on the cruise.

The casino hotels are a scaled down version of Las Vegas but are colorfully gaudy and add to the area's ability to draw a crowd.

No one had forgotten our troubled times. The ever-present memory of the terrorism attack of September 11th united everyone in spirit. Registrants displayed Old Glory on their cars with few exceptions.
Tee-shirt vendors were prepared. No doubt they sold thousands of shirts with flag transfers.

Eight Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy couples made the trip: Ron & Debbie Berger, Ken & Peggy Buchanan, Roy & Sandy Buntin, Rodney & Martha Duerksen, Larry & Annette Myers, David & Linda Reeds, Curtis & Kay Welch, and John & Kay Lynn Dragoo. Most have already registered for next
year. The Buchanan's registration number will be 55 and the Duerksens lucked out with number 57.

Photo provided by the Dragoos
It's a poorly kept secret in this club that Kay Lynn Dragoo has love of this particular Ford product.


John and Kay Lynn Dragoo

David and Linda Reeds

Rodney and Martha Duerksen

Top and bottom photos provided by the Dragoos, center photo provided by the Duerksens
Shown above are three of the couples that took part in Cruisin' the Coast.
At top, John and Kay Lynn Dragoo frolicked on the beach with this sand castle.
In the center David Reeds is discussing his latest meal with his wife Linda.
At bottom Rodney and Martha Duerksen pose with one of the screws from the battleship in the background.

Nightstand Drawer ... Great reading!
Photo provided by the Dragoos
One of the stops on the cruise yielded this unique nightstand drawer. On
it was chronicled the nightly exploits of various renters of the room.
It made for good reading.

Photo provided by The Dragoos
The two pictures above portrayed the sentiment of the times.

lineup of cars at the various location was a real crowdpleaser

Photo provided by the Dragoos
The lineup of cars at the various location was a real crowdpleaser.

one of the really nice looking Classics

Photo provided by the Dragoos
This was just one of the really nice looking Classics on the cruise.


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