Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

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October 2001

Greetings from the president
By Ken Monroe
COCCC President

For those of you who missed the Fall Foliage Cruise you missed a great time.

First of all I would like to give Curtis & Kay Welch and Rip and Debbie Riley a huge thank you for a job very well done. They were in charge of planning the cruise. I know that they took at least two weekends of their own time and at their own expense to go to Lawton and scout the area. I would also like to thank David Reeds for planning the route we took on Friday to get to Lawton. David went above and beyond by planning a great lunch and a museum stop along the way. We also found another
museum in Apache. We shopped some in Apache as well.

Our Hosts!

Photo by Kay Lynn Dragoo
Our hosts for this trip were Rip & Debbie Riley and Curtis & Kay Welch. These four did a fantastic job of scouting out the area and pre-planning the events. Our hats off to them.

At the Saturday night get together we had 55 chairs and I am not sure that everyone had a seat. Friday night and Saturday night there was a CHEVY(BINGO) game for lots of door prizes, a poker game (for candy corn), domino games, and dice games. Even had some people in the hot tub!!

The view from the top of Mt. Scott was fabulous. And ah yes, a third museum in the Wichita Mountian preserve. Ever had a Meers burger? Until that weekend I would have had to say no, but , I have now. The peach cobbler with homemade ice cream was to die for!

We visited old friends from past years and made new friends we will never forget. The line of classic cars was as far as the eye could see. What a time we had, Life is good.

Make your plans for next year starting now! The Tulsa club in is charge of arrangements. I hear we will be heading for SE Oklahoma somewhere. We will see ya there.

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