Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

The Dashboard A publication of the
Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club.
A not-for-profit corporation.
A chapter of Bow Tie Chevys
and Classic Chevy International.
September 2001

Dinner cruise

Photos by Kay Lynn Dragoo

Charles and Marilyn Stookey

Charles and Marilyn Stookey (above) provided the hats of the day at the last dinner cruise. Sorry you missed they but they may appear again. They love to look for hats as they travel. The chicken Charles is wearing was found in Clines Corners, N.M. The other Marilyn is wearing was purchased in Durango, Colorado. Friends also look for hats. One friend is a pilot for United Airlines and picked up a couple of gems in Hong Kong. You might see those hats the next time we have funny hat competition.

John Dragoo

Put John Dragoo in front of the camera (above) and you never know what will happen. We have fun at restaurants and have not been asked to leave or asked to never return. If you haven’t taken the time to cruise and have a meal with your fellow members take the time and come enjoy.

Don Bays and Carol Davidson

Don Bays and Carol Davidson (above) were our host and hostess for this cruise. We enjoyed Earl’s Rib Palace and had a pleasant cruise to 63rd and Western. Mark your calendar now for Saturday, Sept. 15, as the next dinner cruise. We will meet in the shopping center parking lot at the corner 122nd and N. Penn. We need to leave there at 2:30 p.m. The menu at the cruise location is varied and we hope you will enjoy it. Please RSVP to the Stookey’s , 329-6864, or to the calling committee it would be helpful. We have plenty of room for everyone to park and sit together.

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