Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

The Dashboard A publication of the
Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club.
A not-for-profit corporation.
A chapter of Bow Tie Chevys
and Classic Chevy International.
July - August 2001

Snyders Car Show

Photos by Keith Marang
Captions by Dashboard Staff

Snyders Show

Many club cars were exhibited at the Snyders. Once the parking duties were taken care of John Dragoo took a much-needed rest and talked about the show with Rodney Duerksen.

John and Rodney discussing the show.

Everyone had a good time!
Snyders once again hosted an excellent parking lot show that the club helped run.
Everyone had a good time.

Registration was long early...
The registration line was early and long. There was coffee, doughnuts, soft drinks and hot dogs for all. Clouds came and went but the rain held off and temperatures were kept down by the welcome shade. Ballots were counted, music was played and trophies were handed out. Thanks to all who made this a successful event.
Working hard!

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