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June 2001

A great big thank you to all who helped

By John A. Dragoo
First Vice President Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club May 20, 2001

To the Editor:

Another version of Cruisin' OKC has come and gone. My compliments go out to the OKC Council of Car Clubs. You exhibited imagination, dedication, and endurance. I visualize potential for the event's future and feel strongly Cruisin' is heading in the right direction. To council members, Rodney Duerksen; Ken Buchanan; Marilyn Stookey; and Bill Washam, and to David Reeds, president of our club, I am proud that you dared to take leadership roles. Hey, you guys pulled it off!

To all members of the CENTRAL OKLA CLASSIC CHEVY CLUB I wish to offer my thanks for a job well done. My preference was to thank each individual but was concerned about leaving someone important without proper recognition. All deeds were significant in this project, and everyone should feel the pride that I feel. Rest assured each of you made a difference and your work was noted and appreciated by someone. Each of you know your individual contributions.

In my final thoughts and review of this wonderfid event I find I do not have enough words to express my admiration for your hard work and dedication. Simply, I'm proud to be a member of the CENTRAL OKLA CLASSIC CHEVY CLUB. Thank you.

Well done my friends

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