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May 2001

Dick Dale Coming to OKC

By Charles Stookey
Dashboard Editor

Surf guitarist Dick Dale will be the headliner at the Diamond Ballroom Saturday, June 9.

Dale is arguably the best guitarist to come out of the surf music genre.

Many say Dale created the genre in the '50s and was given the title "King of the Surf Guitar" by his fellow surfers with whom he surfed with from sunup to sun-down..

There is plenty of parking and club members are invited to bring their car to this event.

Purchase of advance tickets is recommended if you are bringing your car so enough space can be reserved at the front of the parking lot. Spokesmen say there will be security in the parking lot.

Please call the the numbers in the poster if you want more information about this rock & roll event.

Please call the Stookeys (405-329-6864) if you plan on driving your classic to this event so they can coordinate the reserved parking situation with ballroom personnel.

This is not an official event of COCCC. It is being promoted to the club by the Stookeys. If you enjoy surf music, this is a must attend musical event

Dick Dale Concert

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