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January 2001

Do you believe in Merlin magic?

By Martha Duerksen
COCCC member

Welcome to the world of Merlin’s magic, David Reeds style, Biloxi, Miss.

On an evening that was to have flame being thrown from cars, the Oklahoma corner of the parking lot put on its own exhibition.

What do your suppose went through the man’s mind, when he took a picture of the red ’57 Chevy in a wet parking lot and the headlights blinked back at him. This started a performance of terrestrial fingers, lights blinking and quick thinking that entertained the crowd.

And then this little 10 year old boy got a little too close to David and became the object of entrancement.

The lights blinked and David proceeded to try to convince him he should believe in magic. He accused David of using remotes to make this happen. Dave told him he needed to believe in Merlin.

Like on the mural on his car, Merlin was promising the little boy a car in the future. And how he had to be good, work hard and Merlin would see that good things would come to him.

The boy was convinced, and his mother, father and their two other children walked away, a little happier and bewildered at what had just happened to them, at the hands of these classic car owners from Oklahoma.

But in this modern world of haves and have nots, maybe one family felt like something special had just happened to them. "Thank you David and Rodney."
Another successful High Pointe Cruise Photo by Richard Bahr
2000 ended with another successful cruise to High Pointe. The residents and club members all had an wonderful time. If you’ve never attended this event be sure to mark your calendar now for the 2001 version.

Santa and his helper Photo by Richard Bahr
Santa and one of his helpers get ready to unload presents from the sleigh.

David Reeds on Santa's lap
Photo by Richard Bahr
David Reeds gets a turn on Santa’s lap.

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