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March 1999

Cruisin' the Coast

Cruisin' the Coast 1999 with your friends.

By Kay Lynn Dragoo
COCCC member

If you didn't go to Cruisin' the Coast last year, you missed Kay Welch on stage at the Imperial Palace doing the twist with Danny and the Juniors. You also missed meeting members of the Twin Cities Classic Chevy Club in Monroe, La. Fortunately, our adventure did not coincide with Hurricane George's, and the weather was great. So were the cars (about 1,900), the shows, and numerous other events.
I have been in contact with Sue Watson of the Alamo Classic Chevys via e-mail. They always go to Cruisin'and will consider the Imperial Palace this year. The event is to be held Oct. 7th thru Oct 10th.

We hope we can meet them at the All Chevy Show which is held one evening in a casiilo parking lot. Unfortunately, we overlooked this event last year, but I think we ought to include it in our itinerary for 1999.
Cruisin' the Coast
It is time to make reservations for this year. The Imperial Palace accommodations were outstanding last year considering the 7th floor parking garage with uniformed security was designated for classic cars only.

The following is the information I used to make our reservations for this year:

Super 8 in West Monroe, Louisiana - 318-325-6361. Wed., Oct. 6. A king size bed is $47.23 with AARP card and includes tax.

Imperial Palace - 1-800-634-6441. This number is answered in Las Vegas, and you will be asked Las Vegas or Biloxi? They will quote you a price of $39.00 for Thur., Oct 7, and$69.00 each night for Fri. and Sat., Oct. 8th and 9th for a king sized bed. If you want to spend Sunday night too, the rate falls back to $39.00.

Some will want to start back after the awards ceremony concludes on Sunday, and others are going to stay the night and start back Monday, drive as far as Shreveport, and come on in Tuesday.

As of this writing (January 31, 1999) the Cruisin' the Coast organization has not updated their Internet page for 1999, but I expect they will do so soon. Point your browser to: http://cruisinthecoast.com

Registration information can be obtained by calling 1-888-808-1188. David Reeds has a few applications, and his number is 387-5663. If you want to make plans to go, call David and Linda or John and I (366-8188) or e-mail me at kate@telepath.com.

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