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November 2000

Memories the best part of Cruisin' the Coast

John and Kay Lynn Dragoo pose with their 1957 4-door Bel Air sedan
John and Kay Lynn Dragoo pose with their 1957 4-door Bel Air sedan
by Kay Lynn Dragoo
COCCC Member

Hurricane Keith staved south and allowed the Millennium version of Cruisin' the Coast go off as scheduled. The event has a five year history, and this was our fourth year to make the trek to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the Columbus Day weekend car show and extravaganza.

My husband John Dragoo, and I had gotten really excited about going after we found out that Southern Living magazine had photographed us in 1999 leading a caravan composed of fellow club members Me] and Rustyne Harris, Larry and Annette Myers, and Roy and Sandy Buntin. lie picture was published in the October issue to accompany an article titled Fins and Fenders.

Of course, publicity is nothing new to the Myers as the Cruisin' the Coast organization had used their Nomad in their 2000 brochures.

We left on Monday instead of the customary Wednesday, which allowed us time to participate in more events and make more of a vacation out of the trip. Ills worked out well, and we actually got to walk on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico plus spend more time at each venue. DooWop Fashions had set up at the Diberville site, and I emptied my wallet there on two occasions. Love that place!

As with any vacation, memories are the important memorabilia. In the vicinity of Opelousas, La., on Interstate-49 en route to the show, we collided with swarms of love bugs. These things are so sticky that John washed our windshield three times with Windex, and they only smeared. What a mess!

Goodie bags included Mardi Gras beads, and we had fun with them mostly at Debbie Bergers expense. She's a great sport.

It was a good thing we did a lot of walking, because we enjoyed buffet after buffet after buffet. Sherry Osborne, John, and Rodney Duerksen pigged out three different nights on crab legs and claws while David Reeds was heavy into the peel-and-eat shrimp at the Boom Town buffet.
John Dragoo, Rodney Duerksen and new member Ron Berger
John Dragoo, Rodney Duerksen and new member Ron Berger
Other food related memories include Ron and Debbie Berger and John and I eating lunch in a small, crowded restaurant in Bay St, Louis. It took awhile to get our sandwiches. Debbie's hamburger finally arrived minus meat, and we had to wait for them to cook her patty. John ordered sweet potato fries, and we passed the time munching on them. The rest of the group gave up on us and went on down the road to the next stop.

Then there was the night a some of us ate at a rather expensive restaurant in the Gulfport Grand Casino.
We all thought the waiter was preparing separate tickets. Nope. He presented John a bill for $245.00. When we asked him to separate it, he became so flustered; be just couldn't figure it out. We finally did the math ourselves.

Near the end of our trip, I will remember the excitement of holding five 4s on the poker run. I still haven't heard if I won anything.

Cruisin' the Coast has a lot to offer thanks to the geography and manmade attractions.

However, our reminiscences are special because of our traveling companions. We share these memories with: Ron & Debbie Berger, Rodney & Martha Duerksen, Larry & Annette Myers, True & Sherry Osborn, David & Linda Reeds, Curtis & Kay Welch, and Gary & Sue Medley (won Best of Show at Cruisin OKC).

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