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October 2000

The Winchester Drive-in cruise was great

Keith Marang's new '56 next to the Harris 56
COCCC grows by a '56
by COCCC Staff

Keith Marang is the proud owner of a 1956 that he found on the internet.

He reports that he traveled to Pennsylvania where they have ground-hog day every year to pick up the new ride. It was a beautiful drive into the Pennsylvania mountains and he was glad that his trailer was equipped with electric brakes.

The car was restored in Michigan in 1990. It was found in a barn with 16,000 miles on the odometer.
Cars lined up to enter Drive-in

It was sold to a guy in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1993, then to the man in Pennsylvania in 1997.

It is a four-door BelAir with a Blue-Flame 140, three speed "Syncromesh" transmission on the column, pushbutton radio that works, and a number of other options including emergency brake warning light, back-up light kit, accessory bumper guards and tissue dispenser.

He drove the car to the Winchester Drive-In cruise and showed it off to all interested parties.

Marilyn Stookey behind the wheel of her 55 convertible
Photo by Keith Marang

Marilyn Stookey is behind the wheel of her '55 convertible as husband Charles gives backseat instructions. They are following Curtis and Kay Welch's green '56 wagon in the ticket line. The picture is taken from behind the wheel of Keith Marang's new '56 driver. Late Great Chevy Club of Oklahoma City cars bolstered the turnout for this year's cruise to the Winchester Drive-in. One of their members was surprised with a birthday cake and a very off-key rendition of happy birthday.

Everyone socializing before the show
Photo by Keith Marang

Hey! turn off those headlights!
Photo by Keith Marang

Great turnout
Photo by Keith Marang

The turnout for this year's Winchester Drive-in cruise was quite good. Too bad the first movie, Romeo Must die, was such a turkey. Shakespeare is probably turning over in his grave for the poor rendition of the Romeo and Juliet theme. Space Cowboys was OK as the second movie. Marilyn and Charles left before the third movie (Perfect Storm) but word has it that it was worth the wait. Next year, with publicity, maybe we can really get a crowd interested in this event.

Great Late-Great turnout!
Photo by Keith Marang

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