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September 2000

Albuquerque CCI Convention 2000:
The good, the bad and the ugly

The Harrises and their award
Photo by Keith Marang
The Harrises proudly display the cruiser’s pick plaque their car won.

By Mel and Rustyne Harris
CCI Oklahoma Rep

This will be an abbreviated version of our trip to the CCI Convention held August 25 through the 27 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Those attending from the COCCC were Jerry and Judy Webb with their ’58, Keith Marang and his friend Sandra showing his ’56, and both of us, our son Paul and our ’56.

We had not attended a convention in seven years and it looked like not much had changed. The host club, always glad to be in the spotlight and equally glad when the show is over and the pressure is off.
Here are some of our thoughts.

The Good

1. An indoor show with air conditioning.
2. Keith’s car received 988 points and a platinum certificate plus being awarded the best interior in the custom class.
3. The Webb's car scored 961 points and a gold certificate.
4. Our car was one of those chosen as cruisers pick.
5. Enjoyed meeting and talking with those from other clubs and other states.
6. Went to the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens and Olde Town. Jerry and Judy also took the tram ride and enjoyed a nice meal and view at the top of the mountain.
7. Good food at all the functions and an excellent band Saturday evening. Some of the ladies wore poodle skirts and some wore formals. Decorations also very elaborate.
8. Three cars were awarded 999 points at this convention and they were beautiful. There was a ’55 Nomad (original restored), a ’55 2dr. sedan (full custom) and a’57 2 dr. hard top (full custom).
9. Most interesting was a car registered as a Tri-Five. It started as a ’57 4dr. sedan and had been changed to a convertible. The front end was a ’55, the side trim and interior was from a ’56 and the rear was a ’57.
Photo by Keith Marang

10. On the return trip we spent the night in Amarillo so Rustyne could visit with some of her family.
11. All of us had a safe trip.
12. A special thanks to Benny Sawyer and Mike James for loaning their trailers to us.
13. The Cadillac farm outside of Amarillo.

The Bad

1. The roads.
2. The traffic around the I-40 and I-25 junction in Albuquerque.
3. Being forced to turn the truck and trailer around in a very tight setting at the Chevy dealer parking lot.
4. Finding a rubber band in a glass of water at the hotel during breakfast one morning. Someone remarked that this was a "Snappy" drink.
5. Hotel room left unlocked by the cleaning staff.
6. Hotel charging $7 per day for guests to park on their lot.
7. Damp towels in the room.
8. Keith was ill all weekend so he and Sandra missed out on some of the activities.
9. The Cadillac farm still outside of Amarillo.

The Ugly

1. Let’s face it folks the scenery from here to there isn’t the most beautiful in the world!
2. The Cadillac farm, with the cars still nose first in the ground, outside of Amarillo.

Cadillac farm
Photo by Keith Marang
Amarillo, Texas, is known worldwide for these cars buried in the ground just west of town.

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