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September 2000

CCI Western National Awards for COCCC members

By Keith Marang
COCCC Web Master

Jerry and Judy Webb, Keith Marang and friend Sandra, and Mel and Rustyne Harris attended the recent Classic Chevy International show in Albuquerque, N.M.

All three came away winners at this indoor event held in Albuquerque’s convention center and hosted by the Albuquerque Classic Chevy Club.

Jerry and Judy’s black 1958 Impala garnered first in his class with 961 points and a received a Gold Certificate.

I won first in my class (1956 Custom Trailered Senior) with 988 points and received a Platinum certificate. (I guess all that touch-up work I did helped!) I also won "Best Modified Interior- Trailered" of the show.

Mel and Rustyne's black 1956 Bel Air received a "Cruiser's Pick" award.

On the way out to Albuquerque, Sandra and I stopped at the "Cadillac Farm" just outside of Amarillo, Texas.

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