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August 2000

Webbs' Impala comes up a winner

By Jerry Webb
COCCC member

Hi Classic Chevy Club Members! Judy & I and our 9 year old granddaughter spent a neat week at the 20th annual National Impala Association's International Convention in Spearfish, S.D. on July 16 through 22. There were over 150 '58 thru '70 full-size Impala & Chevy registrants. These hunks of iron and steel came from 22 states, from Canada and two from Germany.

We are fortunate enough to own a black '58 Impala (in addition to our '57 Bel Air). This Late Great we have named "Paula." She was trailered these 2,000 miles for this event On 1-90 westbound in South Dakota we saw some Nomads eastbound who had just finished their convention in Spokane, Washington and were headed home.

Arriving in good shape Sunday afternoon, we unloaded, got our poolside room (Brittany was in hog heaven!) and began to mingle with all these people with their funny accents. Some we learned had been to all twenty conventions. We were the only Okies but there were a few from Texas (they talked slow enough for us to follow).

These were great people and fun to be with; most brought their kids and grandkids. We all made lots of new friends. There was something planned for just about every day and evening. Our favorite was the Mount Rushmore tour. More than 50 cars cruised through Custer Park to this national monument.

One evening there was a show & shine in Deadwood, another evening a local Chevy dealer put on a feed at his huge dealership, and on another evening there was a picnic in a lovely city park in Spearfish and a canyon cruise.

We had cool weather with several showers all week. Wednesday evening the cars which were entered in the "judged" division (25 total) went into the convention center to be available for inspection during the'50's dance. Several of us were just finishing our detailing when the D. J. was setting up.

We were seated in the center of a large room with our spiffed-up beauties circling the room. Judging was on Thursday and Awards Banquet on Friday Night.

It was really great to see several young couples with our old car hobby/sport interest. One young man brought his'70 Impala he had just received from his Grandpa on his 16th birthday.

Old "Paula" outdid herself. She took First Place in the Modified Division. Judy, Brittany and I were very surprised and proud when we accepted this honor for her.

Saturday morning was the farewell breakfast with hugs and handshakes for our newfound friends and many promises to return next year. Even Brittany made a good friend she plans to write and hopes to see next year.

On our way home we met lots of classics and rods on I-80 leaving Lincoln after the Americruise. These guys were really giving us a hard time since "Paula" was on a trailer. 'What's the matter-you break down?" "Need a jump?"

I told them honestly that this was her first time on a trailer and had to listen to their "yeah, sure, we've heard that before."

Home at last on Sunday evening, tired but happy, with thoughts of how blessed we are to have our Classic Chevy Club friends along with new-found friends - all with the same interest-old cars, old songs, and old women (oops).

COCCC member Jerry Webb Is the main ramrod for the club's annual show hold In cooperation with the Buchanan's grocery store chain.

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