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July 2000

Club seems to have turned a corner
with its Cruisin' OKC concept

What about the move to expand organizations to include more than'55-'57?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was written in response to a request for thought on where the club has been and where it is headed in the new rnillenniurn. Please send your thoughts on this same subject to the Dashboard by e-mail, snail-mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signal or any other way you can find. Our thanks to Rip for his honesty.

By Rip Riley
COCCC member

As some in the club may know, shows are not my first interest when it comes to cars. I like to drive.

This year's "event" seemed to combine the best of both worlds. A chance to show the cars off, not just as stationary objects, but as cars, rolling down the road.

I hope our annual "Cruisin' OKC" continues to evolve and grow. The inclusion of the other clubs is another plus. I think we may be on to something here. Thanks Rodney!

I just wanted to comment on CCI's decision to combine all Chevies into just "one big happy family". I used to be a CCI member. I joined because I was interested in Classic Chevies, the'55,'56 &'57s. I liked the technical articles in Classic Chevy World and the fact that it focused on the particular cars that I was interested in.

Then "Classic Chevy World" was turned into "Any Old Chevy World" and I saw articles on how to rebuild the steering column in a pickup! They diluted what was a good publication to cut costs and make themselves more profitable, from where I see it. That's a shame.

Another good organization shoots itself in the foot as a result of a quest to improve their quarterly profit picture.

I called CCI to voice my opinion and was told that the phone staff had actually been instructed by management to poll callers as to their feelings on the new format. After telling him my views, I asked the fellow how the response had been so far and was told, "it's been running pretty strong on the negative side."

I figure any organization that asks what their members think of something and then defies their wishes can do without me. Sorry Mel [Harris, CCI Oklahoma Pcp 1.

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