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June 2000

Club puts another show under it's collective belt

By Don Bays
COCCC Secretary

It’s hard to believe, but I just completed my 10th major show with the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club. Can you believe some of these old guys have done more? Ask one of them about the fairgrounds or Trosper Park shows.

Who remembers that the name of our Classic Chevy International convention in 1993 was called "Cruisin’ OKC"? I think that was the name of this years’ Bricktown show. In fact, if you didn’t see me at the show, I was wearing an "official" Cruisin’ OKC judges hat left over from 1993.

We’re hoping to increase the number of active members who take an officer position this year. If we don’t get some new blood soon, all our ideas will start getting old!! So if you think you’d like to try to become an officer, just whisper in my ear and I’ll nominate you. Or try a shorter officers’ ear if you want. Or just speak up when asked for volunteers.

I just can’t get over the fact of seeing Tom White at the show and then hearing of his passing just over one week later. Quite a few club members attended memorial services for Tom, which were held at Vondel Smith & Sons on South Western. Our condolences to Ella and a prayer that your faith will comfort you.

Prior to this years’ show, we had a meeting at each of the 3 locations to assure that we were familiar with the plan. Evidently things went well, with only the photographic disappointments marring the beautiful day. How long since we’ve had a show that had not even a threat of rain?

Again, my hat is off to Larry Myers and John Dragoo, who each year seem to go above and beyond the call of duty to produce our show. The only year in my memory where John & Larry had any break at all was ’93 — and that was because Tracy Dungan & I managed to get some of the stuff done.

And this year, again, Rodney Duerksen stuck his neck out to be the show chairman. Folks, let’s get some more people experienced at running the show and our club. We’ll all help you figure out what to do. Just volunteer a little extra time! Our nominations for office are coming up. We have been voting in July and installing new officers in August.

Hey, do you believe the quality of cars at this year’s show? It sure was hard getting down to a Top 30. There were probably 100 or more cars that would score 900+ points in concours judging. If some of you participated and didn’t get a trophy, don’t feel too bad. Boy the competition was tough! And please understand, the emphasis this year was on cash prizes — the 30 trophies idea was added late in the planning stages.

Stay tuned to the Dashboard for more articles from me and info on the show — if you request it, we’ll run a winner’s list. And don’t forget, you too can and should submit articles to The Dashboard. Everyone is a writer waiting to be unleashed. Let your cat out of the bag!

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