Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

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Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club.
A not-for-profit corporation.
A chapter of Bow Tie Chevys
and Classic Chevy International.
June 2000

An expression of thanks

By Kay Lynn Dragoo
COCCC First Lady

Unfortunately, none of the names of the people involved are known but nonymity can sometimes be the mark of strong character. During the excitement and hubbub of the show, a female participant lost her gold and diamond bracelet, a treasured gift from her husband many years past. Another participant had found it and turned it in.

Eventually, the womanís search led her to our Show Chairman Rodney Duerksen. She perfectly described the bracelet he had in his pocket. When he returned her jewelry, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Tears flowed and, with her husband standing at her side, she hugged Rodney again and again.

Rodney getting a BIG hug!

Her husband commented that he didnít think he had ever had that big a hug from her which was evidence that she was quite proud to have it back.

A big thank you to the unknown participant who found the bracelet for turning it over to a club official so it would find its way back to the rightful owner.

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