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June 2000

Hereís one for the books

By John Beasley
COCCC member

Hereís one for the books.

This was Judithís and my first car show. We were both pleased and excited to be participating in such a large event.

It was a lot of fun cruising with all the other classics on the road. Had the opportunity to fall in line with a hi-boy and some t-buckets on the way to the stock yards. It was interesting to watch the heads spin as we would go by. Had a good time talking with the corvette gang. Even learned a little bit about fiberglass as it pertains to cars. Canít begin to tell you how much fun it was. Really enjoyed the burn-out sessions that were going on at Crossroads.

Once we had set up our display in Bricktown, we really enjoyed ourselves. We had a Sonic theme set up as part of our display. Judith had dressed as a Sonic car-hop. She had the hat, shirt, and apron, the only thing missing was the roller skates. She made mention that her skating days were pretty much behind her. The í55 looked pretty good with all the paraphernalia displayed all over her.

Talking to all the different people. It was obvious to me the spectators were enjoying the show as much as we were. Itís a lot of fun listening to the "I had one, my dad had one, or it was the first car I ever owned," stories.

One of the funniest things that happened to us while we were there, three teenage girls stopped to look at the car. One of the girls remarked about Judeís costume. A few hours later we were at Rockyís for a pit stop and some refreshment. The three girls happened by the table. One girl ask Judith if she actually worked at a Sonic. When Judith said no, she turned to her friend and said "I told you so. No one that age works at the Sonic." I guess the í55 wasnít the topic of conversation as they walked away from our car.

Needless to say we had a great time. Got a bit of a tan, and met a lot of great folks. If thatís not a great way to spend a Saturday I donít know what is.

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