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May 2000

I did it I am proud

By Kay Lynn Dragoo
Class of 2000, COCCC member

My story began in 1962. I graduated from Tecumseh High School and started the University of Oklahoma that fall. Even though coming from a highly educated family, I never got around to completing a college degree.

My father and mother each held masters degrees from the University of Oklahoma. In 1963 I quit OU full time and went to work attending night school until my husband John and I started a family.

Start and stop
My college history included sporadic semesters of night school until I went as far as I could at OU. OU doesn't offer a bachelors degree program through night school.

John, and our son John David, both graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma. Our daughter, Suzette, earned a Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University. Emotionally, I always felt lacking in this area. When one starts something, one should complete it.

In August 1997, we heard about Mid-America Bible College, and I wanted to try once again; so, I signed up. It was obvious that I was the oldest person in my classes, but I felt a general acceptance among, my classmates.

Thanks to the incredible support I received from my wonderful husband and mother, Goldia Crouch, I was successful in prioritizing time for schoolwork. If John wanted to do something other than watching rented movies while I studied, he never complained. Mom did more than her share holding down the household chores allowing me extra time.

Lots of work
Upon reflection, it seems I was always needing to read a book and facing a deadline to complete homework, or write a paper. My research paper was titled "Impaired or Inspired."

The paper examined why some people with disabilities sit back and let the world go by while others achieve fulfilling lives. I had to find time for research and composition of this small book in addition to regular schoolwork.

A big day
August 15, 1999, was a big day; I completed my last class almost two years to the day since I had started back to school. It was a literature class, and I still had an exit paper to write but finished it a couple of weeks later. I intended to discard the gray canvas bag that I carried back and forth to classes and held my ever present homework. However, this bag became symbolic, and I find I am unable to toss it.

On May 6, 2000, I will walk across the stage at Mid-America Bible College and officially receive my degree, a rite of passage that took me 37 years to accomplish.

I DID IT AND I AM PROUD! The piece of paper says CUM LAUDE, and this fills me with pride. However, the meaningful reward is self-fulfillment.
Kay Lynn Dragoo is a longtime member of the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club and works tirelessly in its behalf.

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