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May 2000

CCI convention or not?

By Mel Harris
CCI State Rep

In 1993 with very little notice our club was called upon to host a CCI Convention.

Looking back, I think we were thrilled for being asked but also a little apprehensive at the same time. That show took place within a month of Bricktown and some questioned our state of mind for agreeing to have two major events so close together.

If my memory serves me correctly everyone worked as a team with Don Bays and demonstrated that we were up to the challenge.

Over the ensuing years I've heard people say they would like to see another convention here in Oklahoma City. So, during the March meeting I brought up the subject and the response was favorable.

After some discussion a vote was taken and most felt a fall show would be best. (From my point of view fall would mean late September, October or early November).

After that meeting I had a discussion with Joe Whitaker at CCI and feel his comments must be relayed to you.

Conventions depend on many things but people and cars are foremost.

That means, in order to attract the largest number of folks possible, we have to schedule a show during peak vacation time when kids are out of school. Now, as most of you know that would be the months of June, July and August. Therefore, to be successful again, I think we must reconsider our decision for a fall show and look at those three months.

With all of this in mind I would like to hear from each of you. Hopefully, we can have some discussion about different dates during our next meeting. Between now and then, take a look at your CCI Magazine and notice the dates this year for conventions.

I believe you'll see the only thing not done in the heat of the year is the show held in Orlando, Fla., during the month of February.

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