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March 1999

Automaker turns to Impala name for 2000.

General Motors

DETROIT, Mich. - Four decades and 13 million sales after its introduction, Chevrolet Impala remains the best-selling full-size automotive nameplate in history.
The all-new 2000 Chevrolet Impala delivers on the proven Chevrolet formula that made past Impalas so successful:
Impala in 2000
It's a great-looking car with more performance, safety, comfort, quality and value than you'd expect, all at a Chevrolet price.

"We're really proud of our heritage as America's brand," said Chevrolet Marketing General Manager Kurt Ritter. "The Impala nameplate represents Chevrolet at our very best. It's in time with the wants and needs of the American public. It's the right car, at the right time, for the right price."

The 2000 Impala delivers inspired performance - achieved through a substantial body structure, a precisely tuned four-wheel independent suspension with standard 16-inch wheels, a choice of potent, fuel-efficient and proven V6 engines, and substantial brake components.

"This new lmpala has the heart and soul of a great Chevrolet," said Impala Brand Manager Don Parkinson. "We've not only preserved and advanced the Chevrolet formula in the new Impala, we feel we've perfected it.

This is the flagship sedan to carry Chevrolet into the next millennium."

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