Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

The Dashboard A publication of the
Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club.
A not-for-profit corporation.
A chapter of Bow Tie Chevys
and Classic Chevy International.
April 2000

COCCC Briefs

by Rustyne Harris
COCCC Treasurer

Backing up
Ask Freddie H. for tips on backing a truck out of shop doors. He should also be able to give you some good pointers on sandblasting old car parts.

Lost her cherry
If you have ever had a waiter in a restaurant take away your plate before you have finished with it, you know how unfulfilled that can leave you. Well just ask Martha D. what happens when the waiter takes her uneaten cherry from her desert at the last dinner cruise. Needless to say, she ended up with three brand new cherries and a waiter who will probably think twice before taking another ladies unfinished plate.

Mustang Poker Run
Last weekend, March 25th Mel and Rustyne Harris, Steven and Jackie Bohn and Rodney and Martha Duerksen enjoyed an evening of fun at the first monthly Mustang Poker Run and Car Show. This is an event that several area businessmen in Mustang get together and put on just for fun. They start in the Spring and go though the Fall (weather permitting). Registration is about 5:30 p.m. at All Season Builders Supply.

You pay $5.00 for your Poker card, 5 area locations are setup for card draws thus a cruise and then everyone meets back at the Mustang Sonic. The Drive-in sets aside several parking places for the show cars and fun is had by all. We will try to get information on next month's run if anyone is interested in joining the fun.

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