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April 2000

COCCC beginning to corner the market
on Web domain names

By Keith Marang
COCCC Webmaster

I have exciting news about our Website! I have registered four new domain names.

All of those domains, as well as the current base domain will soon point to the COCCC site.

No, the current URL for the site will not change. I am not moving the site again. All of the new URL's will be "pointed" to the current site.

The following URLs will access our Web site:

(and our current domain name www.55-57chevys.com/coccc)

This should help our site get even more access. Right now we are averaging 110 hits a day.

Note from Webmaster:
We now have a total of 7 URL's that point to our website, and they are all active.
The new ones are:

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