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April 2000

Kellers the Kastle hosts dinner cruise

By Marilyn Stookey
COCCC member

The March dinner cruise location was Kellers the Kastle and this wonderful old home was beautifully done.

It was German food and very, very good. I was lucky to have experienced and enjoyed this type of food before and since I had a friend with me whose grandmother is German we knew what we liked.

The house has a history and did sit empty for several years. It was begun just after WWII and has 10 inch thick walls, has turrets and the outside is stone.

The woodwork is something to see and it seems to me the builder had to be a craftsman. Many matched grain patterns, arid lots of storage that still houses the normal things a home would have in the cabinets.

We found a sewing machine and books in the cabinets behind our table. Yes, you could go check out the fireplace and mantle, the furniture and we even opened the cabinets as I've said.

The owner still lives in an apartment on the second floor. It seems to me that this could easily be turned back into a home with very little effort. I would love to bring the kitchen home with me, windows, glass bricks and again lots of storage.

We would like to thank Bill and Marge Washam (some of our newest members) for putting together this cruise.

John Dragoo "won" and will host the next cruise. Attending this cruise were, Buchanans, Chaffins, Bahrs, Dragoos, Clemons, Daniels, Duerksens, Harrises, Welches, Bohns, Washams, Marilyn Stookey and friend Peggy Laizure.

My truck made its first club outing. Did everyone see the "stripes?" Charles came up with the idea and I thought it was great. It still has one thing to go before it's complete and hopefully it will be completed the next time we meet.

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