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April 2000

Thanks to those who care to get involved

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

The very first thing I want to say is that I am proud to be a member of the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club. It is a given that the next words I write will receive the approval of some and the disapproval of others. These are my feelings alone, there is no intention of setting forth the thoughts or beliefs of anyone else (although I suspect that there are some who feel the same way).

First I would like to personally thank those club members who have in the past, present or future stepped forward and taken on the responsibility of being a club officer. Every year, it seems we beg people to take on these positions. Every year the same people come forward. They wait, in the hope that someone else will show the desire to take the challenge, then at the end come back and do it for "one" more year. And so it goes. Bravo to you guys, and THANKS.

EGOS: I have never been involved with any organization that has so many egos. Over the past few years I have seen grown men nearly break down in tears and offer to quit the club because of someone's ego. This is bull. It has always been that if a job needed to be done, it got done. Then of course, someone gets mad because they wanted it done differently. Oh, well.

A few years ago, we had a club member quit. I was really angry with him because of his reason for quitting. He said, "I don't like the way things are being done, but I don't care enough to work to change them. So, I'm going to quit." I would like to take this opportunity to say if you don't like how things are being done, then step forward and help get them done differently. Otherwise, stuff the egos.

Web site: It is great! Thanks Keith for all the hard work and time. It isn't always easy to put forth the effort necessary to go the extra mile. If any of you have not seen the web page please make the effort to do so. As a club, we can be very proud of it. Thanks Keith for the job you have done.

Newsletter: Here's a tough one. For years Charles and Marilyn have done an excellent job with the newsletter. They have exhausted their resources as well as their bodies. Folks, these two people need help. Send pictures (you will get them back) send short or long stories. These can be about anything. Maybe you went to a car show (what a concept) and would just like to tell about the experience. Could you have had an especially good time at a dinner cruise? Did something happen in your area during the dinner that others don't know about? Tell it. Have you had an experience as a teenager or even an adult that would be of interest. No one can tell me that with these old cars some of you haven't had an experience working on, breaking down, finding parts or just meeting someone new that you couldn't tell a story about. Please make the effort to help fill up the newsletter. Not everyone in the club has a computer so they count on THE DASHBOARD to let them know what's going on. We need the newsletter. Again, this is a job no one else ever steps forward to do. A big thanks Charles and Marilyn for a great job.

Above and Beyond: It is not my intention to slight anyone who has worked for and with this club and its projects. There have been many that have gone above and beyond. You all know who these people are. They each deserve to be mentioned but time and space will not allow it. just let me say thanks to you all.

Along this line, let me say that I have been a member of COCCC since late 1992 and an officer continuously since 1994. In all these years there have been two men who have always come forward. These two men have knocked on doors, attended meetings, fought for our cause, installed equipment on top of buildings, organized shows, given time and money, tears and sweat, barked at us and consoled us. They have been impromptu mechanics and sometimes arbitrators. Have worked tirelessly and have been tired. Some of the things they do have been popular and some haven't. There have been toes stepped on and backs patted. They haven't run the club alone, there have been many members who have helped as officers, event or committee chairpersons, prize getters or work doers, they have been leaders and tried to be teachers. Both are always ready to open their hearts for the club and its members. In the event of things these two have taken more criticism than any other member in this club. Why? Because they are out doing things, that's why. They are our friends. THANK YOU John and Larry for all you have done, are doing and will do in the future. YOU ARE BOTH APPRECIATED!

Membership: It has been said that there is a clique within our club and some people resent it. Well let me tell you somethmig, there is most certainly a clique involved with the club. It is called the COCCC membership. All of us are members, all of our thoughts, wishes and desires for the club are important. We all matter. That is the clique, come join it and quit complaining about how "it" does things.

We have had many members come and go. In the past I think it was because we always seemed to be working. All work and no play make for a dull club. Well, that has all changed. We have our monthly dinner cruise. If you haven't attended one of these you should. You don't have to drive your "old" car. This months dinner saw only one old car (thanks Ken and Peggy). It was the weather, don't you know. We go for the fellowship. Oh yes, for food also. Believe it or not working on Bricktown can also be fun.

And those of us who worked on the High Pointe Christmas had a ball. The "Float the Coast" sorry I meant Cruisin'the Coast was a blast. The Snyder show is lots of fun and good food to. No one could work any harder than John has to make our monthly meeting fun. He has tried to make the business part short and sweet with lots of fun thrown in at the end.

If there is anyone who has an idea on fun things to do, get busy and organize. You lead and we will follow.

DUES: As you are all aware, any funds our club makes outside of the dues go to our charities. The dues pay for our club expenses, such as this newsletter and the postage along with other operating expenses. Every year in November we start reminding members that the coming years dues need to be paid. They are due in January. Every March there are those who still haven't paid. I thought about listing names here but decided not to bother. You know who you are. So to that end, we are having a business meeting on April 9th, if your dues are still unpaid at that time you will be removed from our membership rolls. This is the last newsletter you will receive, the calling committee will not call and you will not be included in any club activities. Renewal dues are $20.00.

A proud COCCC member and Treasurer Rustyne Harris

Get involved
Shortly after the Cruisin' Oklahoma City show it will be time for nomination of officers to serve the 2000-2001 term.

All positions are available. If anyone out there wants to take the reins of any of the positions now is the time to make your desire known. The elected offices are: president, co-vice president (2), secretary, treasurer, show chairman, newsletter editor.

Take this opportunity to contribute to the operation of the club.

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