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March 2000

Cruisin' Pauls Valley

By Kay Welch
COCCC member

COCCC's March dinner cruise rolls to the The Pig Shop

Club members gathered Saturday afternoon, Feb. 26,2000, to cruise to Pauls Valley for Barbecue at The Pig Shop.

There were seven classic cars in line behind Curtis & Kay Welch, Larry & Annette, Mollie & Wyatt (grandchildren) Myers, Rodney & Martha Duerksen, John & Kay Lynn Dragoo, Tom & Teresa Linn, Tru & Sherry Osborn, Bill & Marsha Washam.

On their sign out front was
"Welcome Curtis & Kay and Friends."

Behind the classics in their everyday cruisers were Mel & Rustyne Harris, Jonnie & J. D. Clemons, Rip & Debbie Riley.

As is the club's practice, the dinner cruise started at the A&W Drive In at 89th and S. Western in Oklahoma City.

We pulled onto Western going South through the area where the May 3 tornado left its devastation. Our caravan passed by where club members Bob & Barbara Bartholomew's house once stood. It was destroyed in the tornado and both Bartholomews suffered injuries in the storm.

They have since recovered but their 1955 black convertible suffered extensive damage. It has been sold and is now awaiting restoration. The community is not building the houses and businesses back as fast as we thought they should.

Several members used citizens' band radios on the cruise but the cruise director, Curtis, forgot to install his so Tom Linn loaned him a portable.

Even those without CBs stayed in fine and continued down the back roads on the cruise south. After we turned onto Robinson Street in Norman going East, we got close to Interstate 35 and the Myers had a problem. Granddaughter, Mollie, decided to get sick to her stomach. The Myers left the line and headed back to Edmond to take her home to her parents.

After crossing I-35, we met Don Bays & Carol Davidson and they got into the procession and on into Norman we went. We got to Flood street and Robinson and met up with a train on the tracks. We waited in line for about 5 minutes for the train to pass and proceeded east on Robinson. Then we turned South on Highway 77.

Down the road a little bit and still in Norman, Don thought that some of the cars got behind.

Going through the lights in a group is not easy as some get stopped. Soon all were caught up and together.

As we traveled down 77 through the various towns our caravan got lots of "thumbs up," stares, and waves. When we arrived at the Pig Shop in Pauls Valley the cars were parked in front a mini car show.

On their sign out front was 'Welcome Curtis & Kay and Friends," That was real nice of Phil Henderson to do that.

After the meal, everyone enjoyed looking at the
antiques and the articles written about the Pig Shop.

Everyone was ready for you know what!! Phillip was all set up for us. We started rearranging the tables & chairs so we could sit together at a long table. We all like to re-arrange things to suit us. It was buffet style ribs & brisket and fixin's.

About everyone had filled their plates when Larry & Annette and Wyatt came in. Elwin Coffee, Pauls Valley member, joined us during our dinner. Into the meal, it was very quiet for a while. No one was talking. You know what that means? Phil even remarked that we were all sure quiet.

After the meal, everyone enjoyed looking at the antiques and the articles written about the Pig Shop. The Pig Shop has been in the same location for more than 50 years.

Curtis led us in a numbers game with the Washam's winning.

They will be our host for the next dinner cruise tentatively set for March 25. Several of the members headed back because the darkness came too early.

A good time was had by all.

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