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February 2000

High Pointe Christmas

By John Dragoo
COCCC President

True satisfaction comes in the form of smiles.

The COCCC Christmas Party at High Pointe Hospital on Sunday, Dec. 19, 1999, was a tremendous success. Kay Lynn Dragoo summed it up best when she said, "I got more than I gave." Rustyne Harris added, "I think all of us felt that way when we left. There could he no doubt that we received a lot from a couple of hours spent with those kids."

"I got more than I gave."

The young men and women at High Pointe received their gifts from the COCCC Santa (Bill Chaffin) and Mrs. Santa (Linda Bahr). They played their parts very well. The hospital as a whole was presented with books, movies, games, and fishing poles; each unit received a sack of gifts including games and a basketball or soccer ball or football.

Santa Claus (Bill Chaffin) has just arrived in his modern sleigh with a load of presents for the teen-agers at High Pointe.Santa at High Pointe

Finally, each child got his/her very own Christmas bag of goodies which included a Walkman radio and personal items. The party and gift giving were a well kept surprise for the children. It was purposely designed that way by the hospital staff who contributed and participated in the festivities. They had as much fun as the children and COCCC members.

Smiles and laughter of the children were more than enough payment.

Santa's Sleigh
Santa's Modern Sleigh

Each of our members carried home at least one loaf of homemade bread prepared by their kitchen staff. They have a great staff! Smiles and laughter of the children were more than enough payment. Rustyne Harris and Linda Bahr organized our club efforts. Superb job ladies! The hospital administrator paid us the ultimate compliment by inviting us back next Christmas.

Santa's Helpers
Linda Bahr and Rustyne Harris were Santa's helpers

Attending from our club Were Bill Chaffin, John & Kay Lynn Dragoo, Richard & Linda Bahr, Rodney & Martha Duerksen, Larry & Annette Myers, Kay & Curtis Welch, Rip Riley, David & Linda Reeds, Marilyn Stookey, and Mel and Rustyne Harris.

The contributors' list is extensive: COCCC and individual members; Century 21 Riviera Realty, Inc. and staff, Sandy Grisson, owner (This group provided not only the 66 Walkman radios but other items as well.); Midwest City Free Methodist Church; Dentists of OKC ; O'Rileys; Hobby Shop (Mike Connors); OEC; Snyders IGA; Southern Hospitality, Inc.; Bath & Body Works; Geri-Care, Inc.

There were so many contributors, I am afraid of leaving someone out and apologize it I did.

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