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December 1999

Where do you want to go today?

EDITOR's NOTE: This story is taken from information that Roy Buntin recorded about he and his wife Sandy's travels this year.

By Marilyn Stookey
Dashboard Staff

Where have the Buntins gone in 1999. After you've read this you may wonder if you would really like to put these miles on your car.

From Aug. 28 through Sept. 1. They headed north on the first big trip of the year. They went to Nebraska for a family reunion of Sandy's mom's side of the family. They went through Kansas to get there, but they'd already been in that state with the '57. Nebraska was the first new state.

After the reunion they headed for North Dakota. New states they went through included South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Whatever happened to North Dakota? As luck would have it after 1,698 mile they lost their engine. To add insult to injury the only rental truck for 75 miles was a Ford that only ran 55 mph. I can hardly imagine Roy driving 55 mph. Well, by the time that Ford got the 702 miles home to Oklahoma Roy had it running 80 or better.

They were back on the road again on Oct. 6 to join the group going to Cruisin' the Coast. The November Dashboard had a complete story of that trip written by Mel Harris.

However, when everyone else headed home the Buntins stayed until Monday when they drove on to Popular Ville, Miss., to visit Sandy's sisters. They had intentions of leaving early, but ended up showing the car to several couples. One of the women paints and they chose backgrounds for a painting. We will wait to hear if they get the painting and if the '57 has ended up in it.

Anyway, they drove into Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas for states they had already visited in the '57. As new states they added Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. This year alone they have traveled 1,698 miles in the car before the motor blew and 3,171, in the last trip. That has put 16 new states on their list of states visited in 1999 in their '57. They revisited 12 states. In years past, they have driven the '57 in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. They have a total of 28 states they have visited in the car.

What is their goal? You got it - they want to travel all of the continental U.S. of A.

Maybe we can get them to go the next time Charles and I head for Washington and Oregon. They could get several other states on their list. This is a wonderful goal and we wish Roy & Sandy luck in obtaining it.

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