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October 1999

Fuzzy dice from the mirror? What for?
More common was a graduation tassel

By Don Allen
Bow Tie Florida State Associate

I write the newsletter excerpt for the Bow Tie magazine Bow Times. For this reason I get to read all the various club newsletters that are mailed in to headquarters.

I was very interested in the article you printed "Blue dots and fuzzy dice"

I got into this hobby as an adult, about 16 years ago. Soon after buying a 55 people started asking why don't you have fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror? I Said, what for? I grew up in central Florida in the '50's and I don't remember anyone having blue dots or dice.

The graduation tassel hanging from the mirror was popular. If your girlfriend was from a later class than you, when she graduated, her tassel was the one to hang.

The baby shoes were popular with the group that got married young and had babies. I guess that was to show that they were growing up and wouldn't be at the drive in any more.

At that time I was too busy trying to make my Fords (yes, I'm afraid so) go as fast as the other guys Chevys.

Nice getting your newsletter. Keep up the good work and good luck with your club

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