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October 1999

High Pointe visit a rousing success

By Linda Bahr
COCCC member

If you missed the cruise to High Pointe Aug. 29, you missed a treat. High Pointe is 44 acres with a fishing pond, private school and counselors. There are approximately 67 kids living there.

We had seven cars at the event. Attending were six members and one guest.

The kids really seemed to enjoy having us there with our cars. They had fun trying to figure out where the gas caps were and if the 8-track really worked.

All the club members used a lot of gas starting engines so the kids could hear them. (everyone except I person)

Afterwards we had a meal that was a lot more than we thought it would be - and is was delicious.

Now, for all you guys, we learned some things from Carol from High Pointe.
-- Don't get a car with the gear shift in the floor.
Reason: If a girl wants to set next to you, it puts her in a compromising position.
-- If you want to tell if a girl is interested in you, watch how she looks inside your car.
Reason: If she checks out the back seat really well, you might "get lucky"

Hope we visit there again and hope you can make it too.

P.S. Hope John's car gets well soon.

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