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October 2003

Southern Nazarene University-5O's Night Car Show

Thanks to all of the Classic Chevy Club members for helping make the 1950's Night extra special for the college students at Southern Nazarene University. As one participant pointed out, if kids like these don't get interested in the old cars, there won't be any old cars one day.

We had a nice turnout of 18 cars on a blustery week day. In the beginning I thought the T-Bird club was going to out do us, but the Chevy guys came through! Interesting what car guys will do for free food! The kids voted the Red 1955 T-Bird owned by Jim McNew as the People's Choice. It was a well-prepared national winner, and proved the students had a feel for these cars. The students were particulady surprised that one of their own stuffy professors, Ed Nauenschwander, had brought his own 1956 Cadillac.

Classic Chevy members participating were: Larry & Annette Myers, Curtis Welch, Bill Washam, Ken Monroe, Mel & Rustyne Harris, Rudy Escalera, Ken Buchanan and me, Bill Preston.

Photos by Diane Preston


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