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September 2003

Goodbye Oklahoma, we're on our way to Washington

Marilyn in the '55 while I was on my

Photo by Polly Stookey
My mother sent me this picture of Marilyn in the '55 while I was on my
destroyer off the coast of Vietnam in '67.

By Charles Stookey
Dashboard Editor

As many of you know, my situation at work changed drastically about a year and a half ago. After some 25 years at The Norman Transcript working early morning to 3 p.m., I was told I would be working the four to midnight shift.

This hasn't worked out and Marilyn and I have made the decision to leave our jobs and seek greener pastures in Washington state.

My sister has lived in Battle Ground, Wash., for some 15 years and we will be staying with her until we get settled in.

Our move is bittersweet. The bitter is that we will be leaving all our friends in Oklahoma behind. The sweet is that we will be moving to an area with beaches only two hours away, Portland only 30 minutes away, the Columbia River Gorge only minutes away and a very active area for Classic Chevys.

Interstate 5 provides excellent access from central Oregon north to Seattle. There are plenty of car shows from which to pick and choose - not to mention cruising the beaches and the gorge.

We will take our memories of all of you with us and will keep them close as we establish new friendships.

Thank you for all you have done for us these past 14 years. It's been a great ride.

Our door will always be open for visitors and we will return to Oklahoma periodically on vacations.


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