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September 2003

Myers' 1957 victorious
Tri State Cruisers pick Nomad for top honors at Mena

By Annette Myers
Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club

Larry and I drove our 1957 Nomad to Mena, Arkansas of August 22 for the 28th annual Wilhelmina Rod Run. The registration took place at Street & Performance until 4 p.m. on Friday.

The town welcomed the participants with a street closure Friday night at the old railway station. The merchants stayed open for the participants to do some browsing. They had a live band playing and a lot of people admiring the cars. If you hadn't registered yet, you could do so that evening.

Saturday, the owner of the Esso station held a "Make A Wish" tour and run at his show room full of antique signs, cars and a lot of memorabilia. A donation of $5 went towards the "Make a Wish" foundation.

At 1 p.m., the Rod Run resumed up "on the mountain" at the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge. There was a poker run in the afternoon and a fish fry in the evening. Everyone went back down the mountain and the town again welcomed the rodders with a street closure and live band. It seemed that everyone in the vicinity was there to see the cars. The mayor and district judge gave their awards that evening to a couple of lucky rodders. There was a lot of beautiful cars from which to choose. As participants, we had to vote on our top ten favorites and choose an unfinished and people's choice. It was really hard, as there were a lot of very nice cars with beautiful paint and interiors. Sunday morning, the rod run resumed up on the mountain.

They held a church service for the participants. After the service, they began to give away the door prizes. The prizes ranged from T-shirts and caps to a Brodix intake manifold (to be chromed by Street & Performance at a later date).

We lucked out and got a real nice tool box with tools included. The different clubs announced upcoming or future car shows. The Tri-State Cruisers president got up and gave a little presentation that their club
always looked for a vehicle that stood out and grabbed everyone's attention to give an award to.

This year they chose our 1957 Nomad. They gave Larry a shirt, a trophy and free entry to their next year's show. This really surprised Larry. When they announced the top ten awards, they called Larry as a winner. We think that we are real lucky to be counted as one of the top ten of
189 vehicles.

We made a lot of new friends and saw some old friends and are planning on being at next year's show. We had a real fun time. It was very laid back and HOT!


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