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August 2003

The times, they are a changing

By Charles Stookey
Dashboard Editor

As the minutes indicate, COCCC Web Master Keith Marang is picking up stakes and moving to Florida.
He recently was married and his interests changed somewhat. He still has his Classics though and maintains an interest in Classic Chevys. He will continue these interests and pursue new interests at his new home in Florida. (We envy him the temperate climate.)

His work for the club has been valuable and appreciated. His contributions in the area of photography are of particular note. His concepts for individual photos at our Cruisin' Bricktown and Cruisin' OKC shows were inspired to say the least. He is the one responsible for taking all the attendee photos that were given out with the picture plaques. In addition, he offered perfectly-executed portraits with custom background to those that wished to go the extra mile and purchase a memento of the show. I believe there are literally hundreds of these auto portraits gracing the walls of proud car owners all over Oklahoma and surrounding states.

His prowess as a Web Master gained the club a reputation for excellence across the nation. I have seen links to our site on almost every car club site I have been able to find. From the music to the club car photo album the site is first rate. Keith reports he will continue to maintain the site from Florida.
For this we can all be thankful as his skill is unmatched.

Let me take this opportunity to say to Keith, "Thank you for all your work in support of Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club."

It is now that I must inform you that Marilyn and I have decided to leave Oklahoma and move to Battle Ground, Washington to be closer to my sister.

We discussed this difficult decision over the past few months and decided in favor of the move and have put the house on the real estate market. As soon as it sells and we close we will be moving away.
Our convertible, of course, will be going with us. There is an active club very close to Battle Ground and the entire Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for car shows of all types.

Our friends in Oklahoma are difficult to leave and truly irreplaceable but we look forward to making new friends "out west."

I will be unable to continue producing the Dashboard from such a great distance so will have to leave its future in someone else's hands. I will miss it very much.

We leave Oklahoma with heavy hearts but look forward to new lives and experiences as we begin this latest chapter in our lives.


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