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April 2003

Draggin' Classic '50s

The Stookey's '55 in a commercial!
Dashboard Photo by Marilyn Stookey

Another convertible adventure. Was it fun? Yes! Would I do it again? Yes! Would I ask more questions? Yes? Would I ask for warmer weather? Yes! First, thanks to Mel Harris passing on our name. Then thanks to Joel Manning for liking our car enough to take pictures to his boss and then offering us a chance for a photo shoot at the Classic '50s Drive In in Norman at night.

OK, I thought evening, cool might have to take off work a little early but workable. After that first yes and the comittment I learn a liitle more, might not be finished until 9 that night (for still pictures?) I did know a '57 red convertible was to be primary car and ours used for background.

The day arrives and I get the car out to Classic '50s and there sure is a bunch of equipment and many
people running around. Yup it is a film shoot and it is going to start after dark and it is going to get cold. The only problem we had with the car was once I got there they decided they wanted the top down and
the switch was dead. We decide to take the bolts out manually take down the top. Thanks George Privett for doing this and taking it all in stride.(George, from Guthrie, provided the Red ''57 convertible.)

The people involved were really nice, we had fun standing around watching and listening to all the things going on and the actors and actresses were driving our cars. So what is this all for? The basic story line as we understand it is a flashback to a man's first car and the way he meets his wife. The company this is for is OPUBCO so watch for Sean O'Grady (former boxer from Oklahoma) in a red '57 convertible and look for a blurr in the background that's the Stookey's '55.


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