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December 2002

Merry Christmas COCCC

By Charles Stookey
Dashboard Editor

Once again it is time for the club to celebrate Christmas with the annual dinner.

This year's event will be held at the Cimmaron Steak House on South Meridian Avenue in Oklahoma City. The upstairs room has been reserved for our use and we will be ordering from the regular menu.
We can get in as early as 12:30 p.m. and there is no time restriction so this year should be much more leisurely than previous years.

A highlight of the afternoon will be"Dirty Santa." For those not familiar with this, it involves selecting or stealing gifts. Each participant draws a number which will determine when he or she will select a gift. When your number is drawn you may either select a gift or choose to "steal" a gift previously selected by someone else.

That person then has the option of selecting a new gift or stealing another previously-selected gift. The number of steals is limited so steal wisely.

It's always interesting to watch the strategy unfold on acquisition of some of the more popular gifts.
This sequence of events continues until all participants have had a chance to choose or steal.

The person having the first number drawn won't be able to steal anything so that person will have the final steal of the evening.

If you plan to participate in Dirty Santa please bring a wrapped gift for each member of your party who will be taking part. If your gift is meant for a child please mark it as such (children are more than

Gag gifts are acceptable but don't expect them to be stolen too much. Keep in mind we are in mixed company and children are present. If a gift is "adult" please mark it as such so no one will be embarrassed.

There is no dollar limit but past practice indicates a value of $10 to $20 is adequate.

After the dinner we will make a cruise to Jesus House to deliver Christmas donations. As the minutes on page two indicate, appropriate donations include toys, personal hygiene items, clothing, blankets,
canned goods and other non-perishable foodstuffs.

Please help us help those less fortunate.


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