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November 2002

Cruisin' the Coast takes time out for veterans

By Kay Lynn Dragoo

The 2002 version of Cruisin' the Coast was expanded to a full week. New additions to the event included Veteran's cruise-ins.

First at the longterm care facility in Gulfport immediately followed by a similar show at the Biloxi VA Hospital.

Cruisers were treated to hot dogs and coke floats at both locations. Women swooned in retrro fashion as a local impersonator performed a medley of Elvis hits. John Dragoo and Mahala Jones endured the hot and muggy weather conditions to win second place in the twist contest.

Staff brought their patients out to look at the show cars. You knew this was something special for them - their eyes said so.

Our group was impressed to the point that we took up a collection and John presented their administrator a $50 contribution in the name of the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club to be used for expenses on their Veterans' Day float.

Photos courtesy of the Myers
Classics wait for their orders at a Sonic on the Cruisin' the Coast
show. Below, Larry Myers hooks up a jumper cable to Curtis and Kay
Welch's car.

Photo courtesy of the Myers
What would we do without cell phones. Perhaps they're talking to each

Photo courtesy of the Myers
Larry Myers is deep in conversation with Dennis Gage, host of the
television show My Classic Car.

COCCC classics were on display.
Photo courtesy of the Dragoos


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