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October 2002

Claremore Bluegrass & Chili Festival Car Show

By Annette Myers

True & Sherry Osborne, Rudy & Gloria Escalera and Larry & Annette Myers met at 7:30 a.m. at the turnpike gate to head to Claremore for the Bluegrass & Chili Festival open car show. With a pit stop on the way, we arrived in Claremore. In Claremore, a 1955 red and white two door hardtop car was lost, saw us, turned around and followed us to the show.

When we pulled in, the Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club was there to greet us and to judge the cars. True and Rudy brought their tents and were we ever glad. The weather was hot and, on a parking lot, it makes it hotter. There were a lot of lookers stopping by to enjoy the shade.

The women went into the Expo center to enjoy the a/c and quilt-craft show. The men stayed out with the cars and visited with all the interested people.

When the awards were presented (top three), the Nomads swept the 1955-57 classic Chevy modified class. There were our two 1955 Nomads and another participant's 1956 Nomad. True and Sherry took home the award for Best Interior.

On the way home, we drove through Cleveland and almost had a classic wreck. We came upon an old salvage yard (no newer vehicles). Larry stopped first, then True. Rudy was looking at the salvage yard and not at the car in front of him. Gloria started making noises (drinking her soft drink at the time) and hitting Rudy on his arm, letting him know he needed to stop before he hit True in the back end of his Nomad.

The guys had to walk into the yard to see what was there (of course). They made plans to return to Cleveland to visit the salvage yard when it is open.

We saw a lot of Oklahoma that some of us have never seen before and places we want to return to. Next year, plan on going to Claremore with us.


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