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May 1999

May and June are event months

Events Months
Dashboard Staff

May and June are very active months for the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club.

May begins with planning entering the final stages for Cruisin' Bricktown '99. Memorial Day weekend ends May and brings plans for this Show to fruition. If you don't have a job at this year's show, please see Larry to volunteer or get an assignment. This year we will need lots of help manning the barricades. Our usual contingent of REACT personnel will be busy out on the state's highways for the holiday weekend. Again, we need lots of people to volunteer to man the barricades.

In June we have two events. The first is the Snyder's IGA car show on Saturday, June 5th. Co-Vice President Jerry Webb has pretty much been going solo on the work leading tip to this show. It's now time for the membership to step forward and be there to help him on the day of the show. It is always a fun time and a very easy show to run. Please contact Jerry to let him know you will be there.

Our next event is the Classic Chevy International Cruise on Wednesday, June 23. There will be a cruise-in at Coits on NW 39th & Penn from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. CCI will bring their parts truck and raffle car to this event. Please contact Don Bays to see if you can help out with this great event.

Remember, the watch words at all these events are:
See you there.

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