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September 2002

Nine months and counting

By Mel Harris
COCCC Co-2nd Vice President

I'll bet all of you are wondering what that headline means. Well, that's the amount of time left until we host our CCI Convention. A sixties song began with "As time goes by so slowly" but let me assure you it doesn't apply to this endeavor. We've already accomplished many things but more challenges still await us in the coming months. The following information should help bring you up to date on what's happened so far.

Our club president Ken Monroe and Joe Whitaker from CCI did an excellent job in negotiating a contract at the Biltmore Hotel on I-40 and Meridian. This facility offers conference rooms, tennis courts,
restaurants, clubs, swimming pools and a close proximity to shopping, dining and the downtown area.

John Dragoo and I agreed to Co-chair this show and already have two separate teams of Committee Chairpersons in place and they are listed below. John's group, the Bel Airs, is made up of Larry Myers, Don Bays, Peggy Buchanan, Gloria and Rudy Escalera, Marilyn and Charles Stookey, and Richard Bahr. My group, the Hardtops (a.k.a. hard heads) has the following members, Rustyne Harris, Bill Washam, Ken Monroe, Martha Duerksen, Curtis Welch, Paul Harris, and James Chesher.

We've had discussions about security, trophies, shirts and judging to name a few. Currently, our flyer is in the hands of CCI and should be seen in the Classic Chevy and Camaro magazines around November. So as you can see, we've already been busy.

Keep in mind this convention is a CLUB effort that John and I can't do alone. We need everyone's help. So please volunteer as many others already have, including the Late Greats, to assist any of the people
listed above. Money and door prizes are also needed.

So if you know anyone who would like to help sponsor this show let us know. Also, if you have friends or family who would like to help, I'm sure we could find a job for them.

You will be hearing more and more about this in the months to come.


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