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August 2002

Midwest Regional Chevy Show 2002

Late Greats
Bow Tie Chevys
Yesteryears Chevys

Dashboard Staff
'The Bow Tie, Late Great, & YesterYear Chevrolet Associations are joining the Midwest Chevelle Owners in their annual regional show. The event, the Midwest Regional Chevy Show, will be held Sept. 19 through 21 at the Tulsa Marriott Southern Hills, 1902 E. 71st. Hundreds of 1955-1972 Chevys along with hundreds of Chevelles and El Caminos are

The convention room rate is $69 for a single, and $79 for a double. For hotel reservations you can call (918) 493-7000. Mention Midwest Regional Nationals. This show will feature 1000-point judging. Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will also be issued.

If you do not wish to enter your Chevy in the 1000-point judging, you can enter the 100-point Governor's Class, or enter your Chevy in the "Display Only" class.

There will be the usual Association classes for all 1955-1972 Chevys and additional classes for Chevelles and El Caminos.

This regional convention deserves the support of the Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy Club. Please consider attending as much of this convention as you can.

Tulsa Marriott
The Tulsa Marriott Southern Hills will be the host hotel. This facility
has been used several times by the Tulsa club and is well laid out for
car shows. It is easily accessible from central Oklahoma.


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