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May 1999

After-meeting cruises

By Annette Myers
COCCC member

After the meeting on February 14, 1999, members cruised to Newcastle to have a bite at City Diner.

David & Linda Reeds led the way with Larry & Annette Myers. Curtis & Kay Welch, Tom & Teresa Linn, Jean & Harold Hite, John & Kay Lynn Dragoo, Roy & Sandy Buntin, Don & Carol Bays and Bill Chaffin following in their respective cars.

As you can see by the pictures, a good time was had by all.

Don started off the evening with a few groaner jokes. John had a story about each of the members and their mannerisms. He had us all pegged.

City Diner in Newcastle

City Diner in Newcastle
After a filling meal we headed over to David's parents' house to look at an old gas pump that Larry is interested in purchasing.

We were able to look at all of the equipment that David and his dad use in their farming of their land.

After the March 21,1999 meeting, several members cruised to Bricktown to look over the area that we will have for the car show this year.

We were able to walk to the top of the new parking garage, see the new plaza area by the parking garage and view the canal in progress.

After much discussion on how to lay out the parking, we decided to enjoy a meal at the Varsity.

Those members that cruised to Bricktown were: Charles & Marilyn Stookey, Bill Chaffin, Don Bays, John & Kay Lynn Dragoo, Curtis & Kay Welch, Dick & Sheila Russell, Larry & Annette Myers, David & Linda Reeds, Rodney & Martha Duerksen.

For those members who do not care to join in on the cruises after meetings, you sure miss out on a lot of fun.

Not only do we eat at good places, we enjoy each other's company

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